Thursday, May 14, 2009

A while between posts!

It's been just on a month since I last blogged!

Things have still been busy here but a nicer kind of busy. Not stressing as much over paperwork and bills and getting everything done. Things are all in order and very close to being up to date with paperwork (It's hard when it never ends!) Anyway.. our shop is up for sale at last and we feel we can breathe a little now. The hard part is waiting for someone to come along and so far there has been no enquiry but I guess that business' are in a niche market to a certain degree. So we could be sitting back a waiting a while!

I'm now 31 weeks and can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going! I feel like it's only now that I can actually sit down and begin to enjoy it. I feel quite sad that I am on the home stretch now and have only begun to enjoy everything. No point stewing over what could have been etc.. just have to focus on the here and now! Here is a 31 wk belly pic. I'm getting bigger but I'm feeling quite good (besides the fat face and bad hair day!!)

The downside about getting bigger is the fact that my stomach muscles are separating further and further apart and my back is paying for it. The gap is now 4 fingers wide and will only get worse as my tummy expands. I am trying to be so careful in what I do but with a toddler it isn't always easy. I am wearing a "binder" as they call it which is supposed to support my stomach. Not sure it is doing much but I am willing to try anything!

Nothing else is really happening here. Nesting is in full swing and I have completed 3 rooms so far! Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen! The rest of the house will be done over the next few weeks and will also pick up Oscar's new bed and set it up and try and set up the baby's room. The baby's room will be a struggle though as we have to work around a queen size bed which we need to leave set up for my grandparents who will be taking care of Oscar while I am in hospital. It will all get done and I just have to work with what I have!

I best get this paperwork up to date, head to the bank and then come home for a bit of a rest before picking up my gorgeous little man from daycare!

Have a great day!