Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life just isn't fair at times.

Up until about an hour ago I was having a fantastic day. My gorgeous husband had sent me some stunning flowers with the sweetest card for Valentines Day and I have been enjoying the company of my gorgeous 18 month old for the better part of the day.

Not long ago I sat down to check my emails and I had one from one of our close friends telling us that one of our mutual friends has Testicular Cancer. He has been in ICU for the past week and has had one teste removed and has just gone through his first lot of chemo. Despite everything he is improving dramatically each day, which is fantastic. He is so young, only 28. He's a boxer, so is as fit as anything and he takes quite good care of himself. It really does show that anyone... even the fittest of people can still have cancer. I am just so relieved that he is on the road to recovery and that everything is in his favour.

Please remember the Cancer Council of Victoria when donating to charities. They do such amazing work and are a non for profit organisation.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Such devastation can still have some beauty

I found this amazing photo on the Herald Sun website today. This photo really touched my heart and made me react in so many different ways. I see such a raw beauty in this photo... of a rescuer helping and nurturing one of our amazing and beautiful native animals but on the other hand I find it so upsetting that this Koala has too lost their home. This Koala obviously knew he needed help to let a "foreigner" come to his aid and help him. Every time I look at it though I just think of how many native animals, pets and livestock have suffered in these horrific fires.

RSPCA is looking for donations of blankets/bedding, food, bowls, leads, collars and money to help accomodate the influx of animals that have been taken to their shelter. A lot of the above will also be delivered to the many relief centres that have been set up across Victoria. Please follow the link to this site if you would like further information

Monday, February 9, 2009

Victorian Bushfires

These past few days have really taken it's toll emotionally on me. The sheer enormity of this horrific tragedy is truly incomprehensible. I am constantly in tears. I cannot even begin to imagine what these poor souls are going through right now. Whether it is their homes, family, friends or belongings they have lost it much be such a harrowing time for them. I have been sitting here today trying to find what I can do to do my little bit to help. I was wanting to provide clothing and shoes etc but now the Red Cross etc is appealing for people to stop giving material items and to just donate money. So I am feeling quite stumped as I don't know what to do. I don't want to just provide money as I always have a nagging feeling that not all of the money goes towards the cause. I am thinking of maybe just holding onto my clothes etc for the moment and going to the supermarket tomorrow and buying toiletries etc that will be needed by everyone. Rivers also have a sale on fake "Crocs". They are $3.90 a pair so I would like to buy a number of pairs just so people can have something on their feet if they weren't lucky enough to grab some belongings. My heart goes out to all the victims of this tragedy as well as the tireless efforts of the CFA, SES, hospital staff and the list goes on. So to all involved you are in my thoughs.

The amount of support and donations that has been received is truly amazing and makes me so proud to call myself an Australian. For anyone wishing to donate or find out any information on donating etc please call DHS on 1300 304 309

Friday, February 6, 2009

17 week belly pic!

Here it is!! I have finally taken a belly pic for you all to see!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The past week

Wow! What a busy week we have had and I am completely exhausted!

Australia Day was fantastic! Shane had the WHOLE day off which was heaven! We headed down to the river for a picnic breakfast and went for a bit of a drive then came home and watched the cricket for the afternoon. For dinner we went to Oscar W's which is a gorgeous restaurant/bar which is right on the river! We went for a walk along the Port and Oscar played with the ducks. So all in all it was a great day!!

In general we have been rushing around as usual doing things for the shop etc which seems to take up a fair bit of my time now. Fingers crossed it should settle down soon as we have put Oscar into daycare 2 days per week! He started yesterday and I was a mess! I cried my eyes out and felt like such a bad Mummy for leaving him with someone. I just have to keep reminding myself that it is for the best and that I need the time to get things done etc. With him home I find it impossible. Oscar had an absolute ball and didn't shed 1 tear! I was amazed at how great I felt yesterday after having Oscar at daycare from 9am -3.30pm. I got the food shopping done without any fights and things being thrown out the trolley. I had dinner organised and cooked by 12pm, I had the house cleaned by 2pm and it was absolute bliss! Thursday when he goes again will be my catch up day for paperwork etc and then I should all be up to date! I love that I now have some structure to my week and have goals and jobs set for particular days. It will be up so much more time for me rather than me battling me way through the day trying to get things done here and there!

Tomorrow I am 17 weeks which is almost hard to believe! It seems to have flown and I am starting to get a VERY round tummy! So in the nest few weeks I will have my next US which is exciting and tomorrow I will post a photo of my rounded belly!

I should get a move on and tidy up the lunch dishes before I let the housework get behind again!