Monday, June 15, 2009

A bit of an update!

It's been another month I believe since I updated!

Currently I am 35+5days and am counting down the weeks! I am excited, nervous and scared all at once! I feel quite good for only having a few weeks to go. I get tired in the afternoons but usually manage to get through without a nap. Over the past couple of weeks I have been having all sorts of weird things happening with my body which, I am sure is just everything getting warmed up for the big day! I have done the Calmbirth course which was amazing! I am doing my relaxations every day and am reading the book constantly to re-affirm everything I learnt!

Things seem to have settled down a fair bit around here.. well I think maybe I am just dealing with things better and using my time more wisely! I seem to have a lot more time to just relax and not be rushing around doing a trillion things at once all day. I have done a fair bit of nesting and all the rooms have been cleaned and de-cluttered. Everything is ready for this bubba (I think) so all I need to do is sit back and relax. Well sort of!

Oscar has been a little challenging of late but things seem to be sorting themselves out. For a few weeks he was having MAJOR tantrums and would become hysterical and nothing would please him. He has always been such a happy, easy going little guy that is was a real shock to see this side of him. My Mum thought I was exaggerating when I told her he was having tantrums etc and told me it was normal until I told her about one of his "episodes" and she couldn't believe it! A lot of changes have happened though with him going into his "big boy bed" and his "big boy car seat". His cot is now in the spareroom waiting for this next bubba to occupy it and I can't help but wonder if he is picking up that something will be happening in the very near future that will change all our lives! Oscar adores babies so I have my fingers crossed that all will be fine. I am expecting all the usual things, so don't think I have my rose coloured glasses on for one minute!

Argh! I'm being pulled away from the computer so I should get a move on!

Have a great night!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

35 weeks belly photo

Not seeming to get on here much anymore but just wanted to upload a photo of my ever expanding belly!

Not long to go now and I am feeling excited and scared all at once. I am just trying to make sure I keep on top of everything which is proving to be quite easy now. Why did it take me all these years to find the motivation and "secret" to stay on top of everything. (Even though my Mum shared the "secret" with me everyday as I was growing up! Go figure!

Anyway... that is all from me for now. Might be back later for a proper up date!