Monday, June 15, 2009

A bit of an update!

It's been another month I believe since I updated!

Currently I am 35+5days and am counting down the weeks! I am excited, nervous and scared all at once! I feel quite good for only having a few weeks to go. I get tired in the afternoons but usually manage to get through without a nap. Over the past couple of weeks I have been having all sorts of weird things happening with my body which, I am sure is just everything getting warmed up for the big day! I have done the Calmbirth course which was amazing! I am doing my relaxations every day and am reading the book constantly to re-affirm everything I learnt!

Things seem to have settled down a fair bit around here.. well I think maybe I am just dealing with things better and using my time more wisely! I seem to have a lot more time to just relax and not be rushing around doing a trillion things at once all day. I have done a fair bit of nesting and all the rooms have been cleaned and de-cluttered. Everything is ready for this bubba (I think) so all I need to do is sit back and relax. Well sort of!

Oscar has been a little challenging of late but things seem to be sorting themselves out. For a few weeks he was having MAJOR tantrums and would become hysterical and nothing would please him. He has always been such a happy, easy going little guy that is was a real shock to see this side of him. My Mum thought I was exaggerating when I told her he was having tantrums etc and told me it was normal until I told her about one of his "episodes" and she couldn't believe it! A lot of changes have happened though with him going into his "big boy bed" and his "big boy car seat". His cot is now in the spareroom waiting for this next bubba to occupy it and I can't help but wonder if he is picking up that something will be happening in the very near future that will change all our lives! Oscar adores babies so I have my fingers crossed that all will be fine. I am expecting all the usual things, so don't think I have my rose coloured glasses on for one minute!

Argh! I'm being pulled away from the computer so I should get a move on!

Have a great night!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

35 weeks belly photo

Not seeming to get on here much anymore but just wanted to upload a photo of my ever expanding belly!

Not long to go now and I am feeling excited and scared all at once. I am just trying to make sure I keep on top of everything which is proving to be quite easy now. Why did it take me all these years to find the motivation and "secret" to stay on top of everything. (Even though my Mum shared the "secret" with me everyday as I was growing up! Go figure!

Anyway... that is all from me for now. Might be back later for a proper up date!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A while between posts!

It's been just on a month since I last blogged!

Things have still been busy here but a nicer kind of busy. Not stressing as much over paperwork and bills and getting everything done. Things are all in order and very close to being up to date with paperwork (It's hard when it never ends!) Anyway.. our shop is up for sale at last and we feel we can breathe a little now. The hard part is waiting for someone to come along and so far there has been no enquiry but I guess that business' are in a niche market to a certain degree. So we could be sitting back a waiting a while!

I'm now 31 weeks and can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going! I feel like it's only now that I can actually sit down and begin to enjoy it. I feel quite sad that I am on the home stretch now and have only begun to enjoy everything. No point stewing over what could have been etc.. just have to focus on the here and now! Here is a 31 wk belly pic. I'm getting bigger but I'm feeling quite good (besides the fat face and bad hair day!!)

The downside about getting bigger is the fact that my stomach muscles are separating further and further apart and my back is paying for it. The gap is now 4 fingers wide and will only get worse as my tummy expands. I am trying to be so careful in what I do but with a toddler it isn't always easy. I am wearing a "binder" as they call it which is supposed to support my stomach. Not sure it is doing much but I am willing to try anything!

Nothing else is really happening here. Nesting is in full swing and I have completed 3 rooms so far! Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen! The rest of the house will be done over the next few weeks and will also pick up Oscar's new bed and set it up and try and set up the baby's room. The baby's room will be a struggle though as we have to work around a queen size bed which we need to leave set up for my grandparents who will be taking care of Oscar while I am in hospital. It will all get done and I just have to work with what I have!

I best get this paperwork up to date, head to the bank and then come home for a bit of a rest before picking up my gorgeous little man from daycare!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter & our Wedding Anniversary!

Just another quick update from me! Rushing around like crazy as usual!

Yesterday was my 2nd wedding anniversary! We cannot believe how quickly 2 years has gone! We didn't have a very eventful day but it was nice enough! We went to Big W and had a look around and hubby seemed to score a lot better than I did. I came away with nothing! Was nice to just get out though for a while. Last night we went to a local restaurant where we went on our honeymoon for dinner and strangely we were sat at the exact same table! So that was a a little freaky! My Mum and brothers came up for Easter so they looked after Oscar last night while we went out, it was nice to eat with no interuptions for once!

Easter Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We were up early with Oscar and he was super excited about his Easter Eggs which was very cute. The day was spent lazing around... listening to Oscar's new Easter Bunny sing and eating chocolate and blowing bubbles (Oscar's new hobby!). I have posted a few pics for you to check out.

Will be back tomorrow with an updated belly pic.

Monday, April 6, 2009

25 week photo

I have been a bit quiet lately due to a myriad of things going on right now. Finally seem to be getting on top of everything and by tomorrow I should be all up to date.

I need to get back to it but here is a 25 week belly pic for you, it's not the best but will try and take a better one later!

Friday, March 27, 2009

What a great week!

In general I have had a great week! Last Friday my husband went away for a couple of nights with his mates. I was super excited for him as he has been working 14-16 hour days, 7 days a week for the past 6 months! So I was excited he was taking some time off for himself and to be able to see his mates who we moved many hours away from. I was also excited for me as I got a night to myself (I love being home alone every now and then!) and then on the Saturday night I had a girlfriend coming to stay. So we had a great weekend and on the Friday night I put Oscar to bed at 8.30 and then stayed up and made my first Taggie. It's not perfect as you would expect from a beginner but I am quite proud and think I did a pretty good job for my first time....

Here it is...

My girlfriend coming over was great! We haven't caught up in ages... so stayed up late catching up on goss and watched the infamous Dark Knight! Sunday once my husband got home we went back to where we we used to live for a few days to catch up with friends and family! We had a great few days and was nice to relax and get away from all the stress of the business.

Here is a photo of Oscar with my brothers new bird...

After our few days of bliss we of course had to return to reality! Yesterday was a bit of a wipeout... I was so tired and had no motivation at all. So I say around for the day and once night came I was very annoyed at myself for being so lazy!

So today I decided to change that and I had an awesome day! The past couple of mornings I have been up at 7am. I love being up at that time of day, it just doesn't happen very often! So today when I got up I organised my list of jobs and got through most of them by 9am. The house is now pretty much spotless and all clean, I did the food shopping, have just finished cooking Sticky Date (Mmmm mmmm!!) and will be cooking Scotch fillet, Brocollini and Potatoes for my husband and I for dinner!! I also got some paperwork done and actually sat down for 1 WHOLE house while Oscar was asleep and watched a TV show! Just goes to show how being organised can give you soo much more time to relax! I find that I can't sit down while I know that I have things that need doing and it does my head in! That is my little Woo Hoo for the day!

I need to organise a bath for Oscar but will leave you with my 24 week belly pic...

Bye x

Friday, March 13, 2009

The week that was!

Since I posted Monday I have found my house-cleaning mojo again which is always fantastic! I am proud to say that my house has been pretty clean and tidy all week!

My week has taken a few twists and turns... I have been quite up and down with things but yesterday I had a fantastic day and thought I was getting somewhere! In the morning I dropped Oscar off at daycare and I went to Spotlight and bought some gorgeous material!! After that I went and had a massage by a gorgeous lady Clare who is a Midwife, Massage Therapist and Lactation Consultant and soon to be Calmbirth Practitioner!! So I am waiting until she has finished her theory and will then be booking straight in to learn all about it in order to prepare for the birth of this little bubba happily kicking away! So after my "feel good" day yesterday I woke up this morning an absolute mess. I don't know if it is just my PND that is making life hard for me or if I knew it was going to be one horrible Friday the 13th. My poor husband came home to find me crying and not really knowing why. He was amazing and calmed me down and not long after had to go back to work. He returned not even 5 minutes later with some horrible news that our friend that I have previously posted about was having his life support machine switched off today. So of course I was a blubbering mess again but only for a few minutes and then I became strangely calm and I think that was when I went into shock.

At approx 1.30pm today our gorgeous friend "Tex" lost his battle to cancer. He is in a much nicer place now which we are thankful for but it still doesn't make it any easier.

On a lighter note.... I made my first bag today! I can't believe how easy it was!
Here is a photo of it....
My husband was very proud which was nice to see! Now to make another one in a different material I guess!

I should get a move on and tidy up my sewing area and get something organised for dinner!
I will be back hopefully later on with an updated belly pic!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Where has my energy and motivation gone?!

A bit of a ramble from me....

For the past week I have been feeling quite blah! A few days I have been so tired I can barely keep my eyes open but most days only my body has felt plain exhausted. I don't think it helps that I have PND and it does make me want to just "sit" a lot of the time but I have been so motivated lately that I just don't know where my motivation went!?! I have been making sure that pretty much all the housework is done and that dinner is organised each day but I am struggling to get it all done by midday. My plan was to get it all done so I can have some time for me during the day but I seem to get stuck sitting and wanting to get things done. My goal is very achievable and I'm not setting a ridiculous goal. I honestly don't have that much housework and it would take me an absolute maximum of 1.5hrs to get through it. Ahh... the joys of the 3 P's!! Pregnancy, PND & Procrastination!

Anyway... on to my day so far! Start off this morning quite nicely... get dressed, put on some basic war paint and get my gorgeous little man out of bed. We get breakfast out start eating and Oscar's Cornflakes are soon EVERYWHERE!! So we clean them up and I give him some small snacky things instead. We head over to the shop to see Shane where Oscar throws a few tantrums because we won't let him have a bag of lollies or a drink. So I pick him up off the floor and we head off to the supermarket where it was actually quite good for once. Oscar only tried to climb out of the trolley twice and we got out of the supermarket having spent only $125 for the week!! Woo Hoo!!! So I come home and put Oscar down for his snooze and he doesn't want to sleep, just play. So I leave him in there quite happily. I have big plans to get the shopping packed away, dinner organised and to tidy the house. I STILL haven't unpacked all of the shopping (2 bags to go), none of the housework has been done BUT I am happy to report that I have started to organise dinner!! Shane has shut the shop early today so we are heading down to the park with Oscar for a BBQ and some cricket this afternoon which will be great! So I have made a potato salad and I have a cake baking... so the house is smelling delicious!! I have just cut up and made the kebabs and I think I only need to organise the sausages and ice the cake when ready! Very boring BBQ!

My kitchen is STILL a mess, I STILL have toys on the loungeroom floor, I STILL have washing that needs to be hung out and some to be brought in and I STILL have a few other things to tidy up but instead I am sitting here eating cake mix!!

On that note I'm off to cruise the web for a few more minutes before my little cherub wakes up!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A couple of creations!

I picked up my machine on Thursday and have been having a play and have thrown myself in the deep end. I believe that with many things it is the only way to learn!

The first night I made a little owl. I handstitched his eyes on but I did it a little late and they are a bit wonky but I think he is a bit cute anyway.... Here he is!

My next project was a pair of pants for Oscar. I had a number of hiccups along the way and they still aren't perfect!! I need to lengthen the crotch (I have a bit of room to play with still) and they are a bit short but overall they don't look as bad as they could!
Here is a pic of my gorgeous little man in them!
That's all from me at the moment! I am one very tired Mummy and think I might make the most of the peace and quiet while I can.... mmm nope.. it's already been ruined! *sigh*

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My new hobby and a quick update!

I am now 20+6wks and had my Ultrasound last week! The sonographer said everything looked great for my dates which was a relief but I get the "official" results today at my Dr's appt. Here is my updated belly pic!

We have had quite a number of Drs visits of late which isn't cheap but the Medicare rebate is always great! Yesterday I got close to $400 back which went straight towards my next topic....


A couple of gorgeous friends have got me on to it and I can't wait to start. I put a deposit down on my new machine yesterday which is a Janome CS995. RRP is $1299 but I got it on sale for $899. I am going for a lesson Thursday morning when I pick it up so I can learn all about the machine and get back in the swing of things (I haven't done any sewing for about 10 years!) Then there will be no stopping me! I went to one of the local Op-Shops yesterday and picked up some placemats and 2 pillow cases which I will turn into something. I have a few projects lined up for the weekend and I can't wait! I will add a photo of my Oppy purchases as soon as I get my computer working properly again (it's having a bad day!) I am really looking forward to doing something that I want to do. I barely done anything for myself for the past couple of years and I think this will be great for me to have some "me time" and to feel like I have achieved something!

I better head off as I have an appt shortly! Have a great day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life just isn't fair at times.

Up until about an hour ago I was having a fantastic day. My gorgeous husband had sent me some stunning flowers with the sweetest card for Valentines Day and I have been enjoying the company of my gorgeous 18 month old for the better part of the day.

Not long ago I sat down to check my emails and I had one from one of our close friends telling us that one of our mutual friends has Testicular Cancer. He has been in ICU for the past week and has had one teste removed and has just gone through his first lot of chemo. Despite everything he is improving dramatically each day, which is fantastic. He is so young, only 28. He's a boxer, so is as fit as anything and he takes quite good care of himself. It really does show that anyone... even the fittest of people can still have cancer. I am just so relieved that he is on the road to recovery and that everything is in his favour.

Please remember the Cancer Council of Victoria when donating to charities. They do such amazing work and are a non for profit organisation.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Such devastation can still have some beauty

I found this amazing photo on the Herald Sun website today. This photo really touched my heart and made me react in so many different ways. I see such a raw beauty in this photo... of a rescuer helping and nurturing one of our amazing and beautiful native animals but on the other hand I find it so upsetting that this Koala has too lost their home. This Koala obviously knew he needed help to let a "foreigner" come to his aid and help him. Every time I look at it though I just think of how many native animals, pets and livestock have suffered in these horrific fires.

RSPCA is looking for donations of blankets/bedding, food, bowls, leads, collars and money to help accomodate the influx of animals that have been taken to their shelter. A lot of the above will also be delivered to the many relief centres that have been set up across Victoria. Please follow the link to this site if you would like further information

Monday, February 9, 2009

Victorian Bushfires

These past few days have really taken it's toll emotionally on me. The sheer enormity of this horrific tragedy is truly incomprehensible. I am constantly in tears. I cannot even begin to imagine what these poor souls are going through right now. Whether it is their homes, family, friends or belongings they have lost it much be such a harrowing time for them. I have been sitting here today trying to find what I can do to do my little bit to help. I was wanting to provide clothing and shoes etc but now the Red Cross etc is appealing for people to stop giving material items and to just donate money. So I am feeling quite stumped as I don't know what to do. I don't want to just provide money as I always have a nagging feeling that not all of the money goes towards the cause. I am thinking of maybe just holding onto my clothes etc for the moment and going to the supermarket tomorrow and buying toiletries etc that will be needed by everyone. Rivers also have a sale on fake "Crocs". They are $3.90 a pair so I would like to buy a number of pairs just so people can have something on their feet if they weren't lucky enough to grab some belongings. My heart goes out to all the victims of this tragedy as well as the tireless efforts of the CFA, SES, hospital staff and the list goes on. So to all involved you are in my thoughs.

The amount of support and donations that has been received is truly amazing and makes me so proud to call myself an Australian. For anyone wishing to donate or find out any information on donating etc please call DHS on 1300 304 309

Friday, February 6, 2009

17 week belly pic!

Here it is!! I have finally taken a belly pic for you all to see!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The past week

Wow! What a busy week we have had and I am completely exhausted!

Australia Day was fantastic! Shane had the WHOLE day off which was heaven! We headed down to the river for a picnic breakfast and went for a bit of a drive then came home and watched the cricket for the afternoon. For dinner we went to Oscar W's which is a gorgeous restaurant/bar which is right on the river! We went for a walk along the Port and Oscar played with the ducks. So all in all it was a great day!!

In general we have been rushing around as usual doing things for the shop etc which seems to take up a fair bit of my time now. Fingers crossed it should settle down soon as we have put Oscar into daycare 2 days per week! He started yesterday and I was a mess! I cried my eyes out and felt like such a bad Mummy for leaving him with someone. I just have to keep reminding myself that it is for the best and that I need the time to get things done etc. With him home I find it impossible. Oscar had an absolute ball and didn't shed 1 tear! I was amazed at how great I felt yesterday after having Oscar at daycare from 9am -3.30pm. I got the food shopping done without any fights and things being thrown out the trolley. I had dinner organised and cooked by 12pm, I had the house cleaned by 2pm and it was absolute bliss! Thursday when he goes again will be my catch up day for paperwork etc and then I should all be up to date! I love that I now have some structure to my week and have goals and jobs set for particular days. It will be up so much more time for me rather than me battling me way through the day trying to get things done here and there!

Tomorrow I am 17 weeks which is almost hard to believe! It seems to have flown and I am starting to get a VERY round tummy! So in the nest few weeks I will have my next US which is exciting and tomorrow I will post a photo of my rounded belly!

I should get a move on and tidy up the lunch dishes before I let the housework get behind again!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keeping myself in check!

I am going to start making a list of what I have achieved in a day!

So... a) I feel like I have done something and b) I like to see what I have actually done! For some strange reason it seems to help me if I detail most things that need doing.

So far today I have:

*Cleaned the bathroom
*Cleaned the toilet
*Tidied my bedroom and made the bed
*Done the food shopping

Today I still need to:

*Tidy kitchen bench
*Fold washing and pack away
*Take rubbish out
*Wash dishes and pack away
*Clear kitchen table

Update on the last week!

For the past 2 years I have been apart of a parenting forum. I found that I have spent way too many hours and too much energy on there and decided last week to leave. I have been so unhappy for so long because I spent a lot of time on there each day. So I have made a clean break and am feeling a lot happier for it!

The past couple of days have been flat out with me working and just generally being unorganised! I had Mum come up for a few days and cooked a heap of meals to freeze etc for me and she did a general tidy up of the house which was great. I just need to maintain that though. Oscar will start daycare Monday week and will go for 2 full days a week. I will miss him dearly but I really think that he needs the socialisation and I need a break. He really is such a gorgeous and easy little guy to take care of but since moving so far away I have no family or close friends that I can ask to have him for a few hours some days. So I am currently planning my days where I don't have Oscar so I can make sure that everything I need to have done is done and I can spend the rest of my time with my gorgeous little man when he is home.

I am hoping to do all my meal planning for the week on a Sunday night, have my shopping list written out and then do my food shopping as soon as I have dropped Oscar off at daycare. I have a fantastic diary for 2009 which is great for planning my days for personal things as well as business things! So that will be a great tool for me!

I was 15 weeks last Wednesday and have started feeling some little kicks which is very exciting! Shane is hanging to feel our tiny little bubba kick him and is a little impatient with waiting! I am very excited because Shane is working pretty much 6.30am to 9pm every day but this Monday we have closed the shop for Australia Day!! Yay! We get to spend the whole day together... so we might head down the river for a swim and go out for lunch!

Anyway... enough rambling from me! Hope you have a great long weekend and

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My battle to de-clutter the house!

It's a sad day when you have only moved into a house 4 months ago and you already need to de-clutter and re-organise!! Keep in mind I have never been great at housework and doubt I will ever be a Domestic Goddess... even though I am aspiring to be one oneday! It's kind of a "....when I grow up I want to be a..." type senario! I'm just waiting for that day when I "grow up" to come!

Last Sunday I started cleaning out our bedroom! We had crap all through my bedside drawers and in our HUGE cupboard. So even though it has taken me 6 days that job is complete! I have bought wooden coathangers and have tossed out all the yucky wire ones that were wrecking our clothes and I also bought SpaceBags to pack away all our unused/winter clothes. Shane has a million t-shirts so I have packed away half of them and re-organised everything of his so now he has a clutter free side! My side is looking damn good too and now with only clothes in there that are maternity or ones that still fit me it is much easier to find something to wear. Otherwise I was doing a fashion parade of everything to see what fitted me and would then throw the unlucky pieces for that day back in or on the floor! So fingers crossed I can keep it tidy!

Last week I also de-cluttered Oscar's room and packed away a lot of his toys he no longer plays with. He has a lot more space now and it's much easier for him to find what he wants to play with. I still need to go through his clothes but that can probably be a job for my Mum when she comes up tomorrow!

The loungeroom has almost been done as well! I have cleared out the wall unit and tidied up the TV cabinet. I just need to finish Spacebagging the few remaining clothes that are laying around in there and then that will be done! I will get Mum to help me do the kitchen as well and the pantry needs a good organise! I always joke that my Mum has OCD as she is such a neat freak and everything has to be just so. So I love it when she comes to my house and tidies it up!

The bathroom I did tonight which didn't take long. Just tossed a few empty shampoo bottles etc out and neated things up... Oscar likes to get into the cupboard and drawers and move everything around!!

The laundry and large linen cupboard are probably a task for next week!! Yesterday I did a bit of a cleanup outside and got rid of a heap of weeds and just did a general tidy up! There is still more to do but for now I am happy with my progress!

I am on a mission as I have just realised how much time I have been wasting and what I could be doing with my time! So after the house is de-cluttered and re-organised I will be VERY happy and can't wait to have more time to cook yummy meals and spend with Shane and Oscar and maybe have some me time even!

It's getting late so I should drag myself off to bed so I can get my beauty sleep and prepare myself for tomorrow's set of jobs!

Night x

A little info about me!

I thought I would start this blog as a place where I can get out my thoughts on day to day life!

I am Danielle, I am married to my gorgeous husband Shane. We have a beautiful little boy Oscar and another one on the way! I am currently 14wks pregnant and due sometime in July. I have been given 3 different dates being 3rd July, 15th July & 20th July. So I am aiming for sometime during that month!

Shane and I have recently moved away from our friends and family by the beach as we bought our own business which is walking distance to the Mighty Murray River!! It is very rewarding but very stressful and time consuming as you can imagine. Business is booming and we couldn't be doing better but it is stating to take it's toll on us, so we are trying to get organised with more staff etc so we can step back somewhat.

We have 2 gorgeous dogs... Mitchell who is a 6yr old Black Lab and Emmy who is a 4yr old Tan Staffy. They are confined to quite a small backyard at the moment and aren't getting walked regularly so they are tearing the backyard apart!

Anyway... that is enough about me and my family and life. Will try and post regularly!