Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter & our Wedding Anniversary!

Just another quick update from me! Rushing around like crazy as usual!

Yesterday was my 2nd wedding anniversary! We cannot believe how quickly 2 years has gone! We didn't have a very eventful day but it was nice enough! We went to Big W and had a look around and hubby seemed to score a lot better than I did. I came away with nothing! Was nice to just get out though for a while. Last night we went to a local restaurant where we went on our honeymoon for dinner and strangely we were sat at the exact same table! So that was a a little freaky! My Mum and brothers came up for Easter so they looked after Oscar last night while we went out, it was nice to eat with no interuptions for once!

Easter Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We were up early with Oscar and he was super excited about his Easter Eggs which was very cute. The day was spent lazing around... listening to Oscar's new Easter Bunny sing and eating chocolate and blowing bubbles (Oscar's new hobby!). I have posted a few pics for you to check out.

Will be back tomorrow with an updated belly pic.