Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little info about me!

I thought I would start this blog as a place where I can get out my thoughts on day to day life!

I am Danielle, I am married to my gorgeous husband Shane. We have a beautiful little boy Oscar and another one on the way! I am currently 14wks pregnant and due sometime in July. I have been given 3 different dates being 3rd July, 15th July & 20th July. So I am aiming for sometime during that month!

Shane and I have recently moved away from our friends and family by the beach as we bought our own business which is walking distance to the Mighty Murray River!! It is very rewarding but very stressful and time consuming as you can imagine. Business is booming and we couldn't be doing better but it is stating to take it's toll on us, so we are trying to get organised with more staff etc so we can step back somewhat.

We have 2 gorgeous dogs... Mitchell who is a 6yr old Black Lab and Emmy who is a 4yr old Tan Staffy. They are confined to quite a small backyard at the moment and aren't getting walked regularly so they are tearing the backyard apart!

Anyway... that is enough about me and my family and life. Will try and post regularly!