Saturday, January 17, 2009

My battle to de-clutter the house!

It's a sad day when you have only moved into a house 4 months ago and you already need to de-clutter and re-organise!! Keep in mind I have never been great at housework and doubt I will ever be a Domestic Goddess... even though I am aspiring to be one oneday! It's kind of a "....when I grow up I want to be a..." type senario! I'm just waiting for that day when I "grow up" to come!

Last Sunday I started cleaning out our bedroom! We had crap all through my bedside drawers and in our HUGE cupboard. So even though it has taken me 6 days that job is complete! I have bought wooden coathangers and have tossed out all the yucky wire ones that were wrecking our clothes and I also bought SpaceBags to pack away all our unused/winter clothes. Shane has a million t-shirts so I have packed away half of them and re-organised everything of his so now he has a clutter free side! My side is looking damn good too and now with only clothes in there that are maternity or ones that still fit me it is much easier to find something to wear. Otherwise I was doing a fashion parade of everything to see what fitted me and would then throw the unlucky pieces for that day back in or on the floor! So fingers crossed I can keep it tidy!

Last week I also de-cluttered Oscar's room and packed away a lot of his toys he no longer plays with. He has a lot more space now and it's much easier for him to find what he wants to play with. I still need to go through his clothes but that can probably be a job for my Mum when she comes up tomorrow!

The loungeroom has almost been done as well! I have cleared out the wall unit and tidied up the TV cabinet. I just need to finish Spacebagging the few remaining clothes that are laying around in there and then that will be done! I will get Mum to help me do the kitchen as well and the pantry needs a good organise! I always joke that my Mum has OCD as she is such a neat freak and everything has to be just so. So I love it when she comes to my house and tidies it up!

The bathroom I did tonight which didn't take long. Just tossed a few empty shampoo bottles etc out and neated things up... Oscar likes to get into the cupboard and drawers and move everything around!!

The laundry and large linen cupboard are probably a task for next week!! Yesterday I did a bit of a cleanup outside and got rid of a heap of weeds and just did a general tidy up! There is still more to do but for now I am happy with my progress!

I am on a mission as I have just realised how much time I have been wasting and what I could be doing with my time! So after the house is de-cluttered and re-organised I will be VERY happy and can't wait to have more time to cook yummy meals and spend with Shane and Oscar and maybe have some me time even!

It's getting late so I should drag myself off to bed so I can get my beauty sleep and prepare myself for tomorrow's set of jobs!

Night x