Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life just isn't fair at times.

Up until about an hour ago I was having a fantastic day. My gorgeous husband had sent me some stunning flowers with the sweetest card for Valentines Day and I have been enjoying the company of my gorgeous 18 month old for the better part of the day.

Not long ago I sat down to check my emails and I had one from one of our close friends telling us that one of our mutual friends has Testicular Cancer. He has been in ICU for the past week and has had one teste removed and has just gone through his first lot of chemo. Despite everything he is improving dramatically each day, which is fantastic. He is so young, only 28. He's a boxer, so is as fit as anything and he takes quite good care of himself. It really does show that anyone... even the fittest of people can still have cancer. I am just so relieved that he is on the road to recovery and that everything is in his favour.

Please remember the Cancer Council of Victoria when donating to charities. They do such amazing work and are a non for profit organisation.