Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Such devastation can still have some beauty

I found this amazing photo on the Herald Sun website today. This photo really touched my heart and made me react in so many different ways. I see such a raw beauty in this photo... of a rescuer helping and nurturing one of our amazing and beautiful native animals but on the other hand I find it so upsetting that this Koala has too lost their home. This Koala obviously knew he needed help to let a "foreigner" come to his aid and help him. Every time I look at it though I just think of how many native animals, pets and livestock have suffered in these horrific fires.

RSPCA is looking for donations of blankets/bedding, food, bowls, leads, collars and money to help accomodate the influx of animals that have been taken to their shelter. A lot of the above will also be delivered to the many relief centres that have been set up across Victoria. Please follow the link to this site if you would like further information