Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My new hobby and a quick update!

I am now 20+6wks and had my Ultrasound last week! The sonographer said everything looked great for my dates which was a relief but I get the "official" results today at my Dr's appt. Here is my updated belly pic!

We have had quite a number of Drs visits of late which isn't cheap but the Medicare rebate is always great! Yesterday I got close to $400 back which went straight towards my next topic....


A couple of gorgeous friends have got me on to it and I can't wait to start. I put a deposit down on my new machine yesterday which is a Janome CS995. RRP is $1299 but I got it on sale for $899. I am going for a lesson Thursday morning when I pick it up so I can learn all about the machine and get back in the swing of things (I haven't done any sewing for about 10 years!) Then there will be no stopping me! I went to one of the local Op-Shops yesterday and picked up some placemats and 2 pillow cases which I will turn into something. I have a few projects lined up for the weekend and I can't wait! I will add a photo of my Oppy purchases as soon as I get my computer working properly again (it's having a bad day!) I am really looking forward to doing something that I want to do. I barely done anything for myself for the past couple of years and I think this will be great for me to have some "me time" and to feel like I have achieved something!

I better head off as I have an appt shortly! Have a great day!