Monday, March 9, 2009

Where has my energy and motivation gone?!

A bit of a ramble from me....

For the past week I have been feeling quite blah! A few days I have been so tired I can barely keep my eyes open but most days only my body has felt plain exhausted. I don't think it helps that I have PND and it does make me want to just "sit" a lot of the time but I have been so motivated lately that I just don't know where my motivation went!?! I have been making sure that pretty much all the housework is done and that dinner is organised each day but I am struggling to get it all done by midday. My plan was to get it all done so I can have some time for me during the day but I seem to get stuck sitting and wanting to get things done. My goal is very achievable and I'm not setting a ridiculous goal. I honestly don't have that much housework and it would take me an absolute maximum of 1.5hrs to get through it. Ahh... the joys of the 3 P's!! Pregnancy, PND & Procrastination!

Anyway... on to my day so far! Start off this morning quite nicely... get dressed, put on some basic war paint and get my gorgeous little man out of bed. We get breakfast out start eating and Oscar's Cornflakes are soon EVERYWHERE!! So we clean them up and I give him some small snacky things instead. We head over to the shop to see Shane where Oscar throws a few tantrums because we won't let him have a bag of lollies or a drink. So I pick him up off the floor and we head off to the supermarket where it was actually quite good for once. Oscar only tried to climb out of the trolley twice and we got out of the supermarket having spent only $125 for the week!! Woo Hoo!!! So I come home and put Oscar down for his snooze and he doesn't want to sleep, just play. So I leave him in there quite happily. I have big plans to get the shopping packed away, dinner organised and to tidy the house. I STILL haven't unpacked all of the shopping (2 bags to go), none of the housework has been done BUT I am happy to report that I have started to organise dinner!! Shane has shut the shop early today so we are heading down to the park with Oscar for a BBQ and some cricket this afternoon which will be great! So I have made a potato salad and I have a cake baking... so the house is smelling delicious!! I have just cut up and made the kebabs and I think I only need to organise the sausages and ice the cake when ready! Very boring BBQ!

My kitchen is STILL a mess, I STILL have toys on the loungeroom floor, I STILL have washing that needs to be hung out and some to be brought in and I STILL have a few other things to tidy up but instead I am sitting here eating cake mix!!

On that note I'm off to cruise the web for a few more minutes before my little cherub wakes up!!